Allergies, I guess.

I wrote about my crazy allergy-ish experience at my other blog today.

Not sure exactly what triggered it, but I figure it wasn’t really an allergic reaction, even though that’s what the doctor says it “must have been”.

More likely it was a delayed reaction to all the paper insulation I must have inhaled while feeding the hopper while we blew insulation into the crawlspace this weekend.

On that note, it feels like we’re finally making progress in our house.  We have the pump and sump for the basement bathroom, we have the crawlspace vapour barriered and insulated, partition walls built and insulated, and we’re going to start putting up gyproc pretty soon. 

We also got our beds switched with Tom and Hilma, so I’m sleeping on something different, and it is better, though still not perfect.  Need more time at the gym I guess.

Trim is the next big project, and maybe vents for the dryer.  Right now it’s venting into a “bucket”, a little deal they build for people like us with no working dryer vents that catches the moisture.  It’s far from efficient though, and it would be nice to get all that moisture out of the house.

That’s enough update for testing the computer I’m working on I guess.  More later.


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