I need to make some.  Or stew tomatoes.  Or something.

I have 30lbs of Roma tomatoes.  I have about 4lbs of green peppers.  I can buy some hot peppers cheap, and celery is cheap.  Onions are fairly cheap too.

What I need is time.

Time to go home, and make the aforementioned salsa.  Then to can it. (A process I don’t know how to accomplish, but I’m told it’s dead easy.)

Time to get the damn pictures and videos off my camera I’ve been meaning to for two weeks! Grrr.

Time to … get the trim up in the livingroom.

Where does the time actually go?  Is that there isn’t any, or that I’m just not sufficiently motivated enough to get up and do it.

I get off work at 5 today.  We feed ourselves and the munchkin after that.  Then I go to the gym at 8.  So that gives me somewhere around 2 hours that I could do something, but if I go and work in the basement I don’t get any play time with the child who goes to bed at 8.

It’s a vicious freaking cycle.  I guess I should have done it last night after Ivy went to bed – some of it anyway, instead of sitting around watching NCIS.  But I enjoyed last night!

Ah well, just needed to rant.

In other news the BBQ on sunday went off well.  It rained all morning but was nice in the afternoon.  My ribs smoked for about 5 hours in the BBQ, the smoke box needed lots of refilling with little hickory chips, about every 25 minutes.  It was tasty though.

Everything was good.  I even made fresh BBQ sauce.  Here is a rough recipe:

Jeff’s Hot & SpicY BBQ Sauce

6 Roma Tomatoes, roasted w/ skins removed after.
3 Pimento Peppers, Roasted w/ skins removed after.
(Process above in blender until pureed)
1 Cup Packed Brown Sugar
1/2 Cup Coke Zero Cola (It’s what I had on-hand)
3 Tbsp. Merlot Wine Jelly w/ Jalepeno
3 Tbsp. Honey

Heat until all is liquid.  Add after:

1/2 Cup Heinz Tomato Ketchup
1/4 Cup “good” mustard
1/3 Cup remaining BBQ sauce in fridge
2 Tsp. Smoked Paprika
2 Tsp. Crushed Black Pepper
3 Tsp. Minced Garlic

Continue to heat and blend ingredients.  When taste is good, allow to cool and pour into bottles.  (The above is a rough approximation, I may have missed something, cook it until it tastes good to you.)


One response to “Salsa.

  1. those…ribs….were….drool….worthy…. god they were fantastic. And i have to say, im NOT a huge rib fan. But those ribs my friend WERE delicious.

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