Mmm..Perogies. And Gym.

Perogies were good.

Because perogies aren’t awful enough for you already, I added cheese, onions and smokies to my package.  BBQ for a few minutes and tasty dinner was made.

I went to the gym with Chris tonight.  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8-10ish is gym time again for me.  I’m going to start a related blog to track my progress and fitness goals.  It’ll show up in the sidebar under links eventually.

Time for some work on my story – it’s been trickling around in my head for about 14 years now, so perhaps it’s time it saw a little bit of daylight.  Not too much though.  I may post excerpts here if there is anything I think is worth excerpting.  I’m expecting this to take a long time though, as I don’t get much solo time when my mind is awake and I can be in front of a computer.  Yeah story, see you in another 14 years.  Rough draft.


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